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Find out more about who we are, what we do and when and where we will be doing it next!

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We write and perform our own original music, pooling our different musical influences, performing and life experiences to create a sound that is fresh, familiar and exciting.
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Find out who is who in the current Odd Gods line-up.
Who's Who?

Who Are The Odd Gods?

An eclectic group of musicians who enjoy writing and playing their own music.

Where Are We From?

We have two Englishmen, a Welshman, a Dutchman and a Thai in the band.

What's Our Music Like?

Really good. But we are biased. Rock with strong melodies and presented by a distinctive lead vocal.

Where Are You Based?

We live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can often see us rehearsing at Papa Rock, also known as Odd God HQ. Keep an eye on the gigs page for more information on future performances.

Why Are You Odd?

Have you seen us? Different backgrounds, wide musical experience and varying influences. But we share a common desire to write, create and perform. It’s all about the music. And having fun.

Will You Like Us?

Of course! Our music is familiar, fresh and exciting at the same time. People who like us come from all over the globe, of all ages and backgrounds. We believe in our music. Just give us a try!

Maldives Music Competition

The Odd Gods will be playing in the Maldives Resort Bar music competition in October. Come and support us!

BKK Mini Tour

The first Odd Gods gigs in Bangkok went really well. We are pleased and excited how our music was received and thanks to our hosts at SpeakerBox and Bully’s.

Nicky’s Soap Box #3

Nicky’s Soapbox just after “The Birth of the Odd Gods”!

Nicky’s Soap Box #2

The second of Nicky’s “Soapboxes”, this time discussing the arrival of Khun Own.

Nicky’s Soap Box #1

Nicky’s first “soapbox” discussing life in the band.

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The Happenstance Of Good Fortune

Time and circumstance has brought together a strange bunch to produce music that we like to play and want to hear. And seeing people enjoy what we do is really cool too. At first, there is some unfamiliarity, uncertainty. But then, as our songs work their way inside your head, they become like old friends. Making you feel good. Tapping that foot. Recognising that situation. Original music for original times. We are no different. We are here for a good time, not a long time.


Please Contact Us if you are interested in having The Odd Gods perform. 

The Odd Gods Gigs?

Try saying that after a few beers! Please see our “gigs” page for upcoming performances.

I Have A Question

Well then, please feel free to ask! Use our “Contact Us” page. We love getting questions. You can also check out our Facebook page too.


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What Do The Band Members Bring To The Odd Gods


Lead singer with a distinctive, unique voice that emphasises melody and emotion.

Dave Ring of The Odd Gods


Solid, dynamic bass, that creates the foundation of the music.

Nicky Scott of The Odd Gods


Rhythm played with passion encompassing many different styles.


Driving beats that move the music.

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