The ‘The Odd Gods’ is a Thailand based band formed in in 2015, consisting of Thomas Ruiter (lead vocals), Dave Ring (bass / vocals),
Nicky Scott (guitar / vocals), Own Kulhai (guitars / vocals) and Alan Pratt (drums).

Diversity characterises the band.

  • The 5 band members come from 4 different countries: Thai (1), English (2), Welsh (1) and Dutch (1).
  • They span different musical eras during their formative years.
  • They come from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

But it is this very diversity that helps to create the musical essence of The Odd Gods. Each person brings something different to the mix, both musically and of course, with their personalities too.

Despite the obvious differences, the five form a strong unit of like-minded souls who share a passion for real music and real performing. The eclectic mix of musicians and styles makes for a different and original sound that is fresh, familiar aitind exciting and grabs the audience by surprise.

Punky, hooky, rock tunes are entangled with strong melodic instrumental and vocal harmonies that simply refuse to leave your head once you have heard them. Catch them live to enjoy a real musical experience as their performance goes from strength to strength.

The Odd Gods are receiving interest for gigs around South East Asia, Europe and North America. They also want to play more at home too although playing in Thailand is not without its challenges but the audiences are enthusiastic and encouraging.

Copyright for The Odd Gods original songs is owned by Two Nights With Steve Productions. You can contact them through this website or on their own website here.