Where Can I See The Odd Gods

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Where Can I See The Odd Gods?

We will post gig updates to this page as well as our FaceBook page.

We have interest from various locations in South East Asia but that will be 2017. Too much to do in 2016 first!

We will be back in the studio working on our the track we want for our first single. Then recording the next 6 tracks to have weave at the best quality we can make them now. We have a band competition in Chiang Mai and more gigs in Bangkok.

Plus, you can also see us rehearsing at Papa Rock in Chiang Mai.

Maldives Resort Bar Music Competition


The Odd Gods will join the Maldives Resort Bar Music Competition in October. Final dates to be confirmed and of course, it depends on how well we do in the competition and how far we get. But we would love to see you there to support us!