Originally Posted on 2nd August by Nicky Scott on Theoddgods.net. 

This week has been a positive week in The Odd Gods as we have finally got another guitarist to join the band: khun Own, who is a local rocker from Chiang Mai. I have known Own for maybe 8 years now, seen him play loads over the years, and feel he will add something different to the mix. We have rehearsed a lot this week and it has been good to rock with him again as he’s a great lad, and been a good friend over the years.

The six new songs we have been working on are starting to take shape nicely. I love all the new songs, but “Bees in your head” , and “Sing a song” really stand out. We all have connected well this week when we have rehearsed, which has left us all with a good feeling for the future – loads of laughing – but like mother always said: “could work harder”. With this in mind we are all hands to the pump to get our live set tightened up and we will be rock ready to rock in a few weeks.

Our studio session we recorded at Thomasso in San Kampeng is nearly finished, just putting the finishing touches to the mixing and mastering. All the solos for this session have been done by a good mate of mine who lives in Phuket: Rob Davies. Rob is a seasoned pro who plays from his heart with a great deal of style. I met Rob a few years ago when we worked on an album together. Everything Rob played sounded awesome, so I called on him to help us finish the session. Within days Rob had started sending me stuff that I really felt came from the same train of thought. A real pleasure to work with him again.

The video we are making for the song “Beyond Repair” is taking another step forward tomorrow, as we are having another day of filming. Andy Rose who is shooting and directing has a new camera that will enable us to get the shots we want. The actresses Yok and Fon have been very patient with us so far, and are into what we are doing. But I’m sure Andy and I will be putting them through their paces tomorrow to move the whole thing along.