Originally posted by Nicky Scott on 13th August 2016 on theoddgods.net

Another week goes by at OGHQ, and much movement has been made.

We have finally finished and mastered six songs ready for your ears. Seems to have taken forever for one reason or another, but we feel we have created something to be proud of. It’s been a great experience to record these songs on many levels. You start with an idea that spins off in many directions. We all have learnt so much from this, so that next time we record we will be more prepared. Since The Viking (Bjorn) has come back, a fresh momentum has swept into the band and through hard work we are starting to see the rewards of our labour.

We have been working Own, our new guitarist, into the band for the last two weeks. We seemed to be so far away from playing live, then all of a sudden this week it really clicked. WOW, what a great feeling! He has been a pleasure to be around. He has had loads to contribute, and I’m sure over the next few months we will really feel the benefit of his input.

This weekend we will venture to play our first live shows. We have a CD giveaway and first proper gig at Papa Rock on Sunday. We rehearse there, so we feel very comfortable on this stage. Tonight we’re playing a secret show somewhere in Chiang Mai. We will be totally out of our comfort zone, and this will make us much stronger…

This is what it’s all about: getting on that stage and rocking the songs that we created. Happy days.