First posted by Nicky on by Nicky on Wednesday 17th August.

Wow! What an eventful week here in Chiang Mai for The Odd Gods.

We did our first two gigs this week with our new lineup.

Two weeks ago we thought we needed a bit of pressure to get moving, so we planned a CD release party. Own had just joined the band, so we set out rehearsing everyday. We had a meeting a couple of months ago when Roddy was here, and he said something that stuck with all of us: “You practice at home, then you come together to rehearse”. With that in mind we set about pulling the songs together. Half way through the second week it just clicked. Good old hard work!

We were given the opportunity to play last Saturday at The Pentatonic Rock Bar in the Boon Yoo market area of Chiang Mai. This area is full of backpackers, party heads, Thai Rasta, and local rockers, so we thought it would be a good idea to do a secret gig before our birth of The Odd Gods special on Sunday.

We all know the venue, but only Own had played there – into the unknown!

A huge PA with bass bins. Kit and bass going through the system in a small area – it was like playing in a mud bath (that at least would have been pleasurable with the right company, “wink wink”). It was a thick loud sound that we never corrected. The guitar amp that I was using was an old Fender that kept on getting louder and quieter, on and off. It was so frustrating, and at numerous points during the set I wanted to put my f%*$#@g foot through it!

The stage sound was sooo bad that we all felt very frustrated, but out front everybody enjoyed it and we went down well. It was a good job we did the gig, because we learned so much from getting out of our comfort zone.

The next night was The Birth of The Odd Gods. We all met up at Papa Rock at 3PM. Everybody was on time, and ready to get a good sound check.

We had asked “Big Al” to come and do the sound for the evening. He sculpted a fine sound, so everybody was very happy, especially after the previous evening. I just love the sound at Papa; a pleasure to play and be surrounded by a beautiful tone, makes playing 100% enjoyable instead of being a battle.

By 6PM the house was getting full and the first band “Jai Yen” started warming up the audience.

Another great Chiang Mai band, made everybody feel comfortable and warm with their chilled songs. I hadn’t seen them play for a long time, and thought they had got so much better. Happy Days!

Next up was The Backstabbers. Again, another CM band that have got really good. Leading the line is the real star “Jo”. She had the audience eating out of the palm of her hands. Also great dual guitars from Ollie “B” and Cordt “H”. A very cool collection of songs well played, we are so lucky to have such a good scene here where everybody digs what each other is doing.

We assembled ourselves together in the green room ready for the show. Every member was right up for it (wehey), collected ourselves, walked on stage, plugged in, and rocked!

It was very exciting to be playing our songs that we had been working so hard on. The show was a belter, and it was great to see everybody up dancing. Thomas’ voice had been a worry all day, as he had felt he was coming down with something, so he had been very quiet all day resting his voice. He sang a blinder that night. Lucky to have such a great front man leading the line.

A great night as usual was had at Papa Rock, with many people coming out to support us. No bad behavior to report (hahaha), which is usually the case after a great show. Even a couple of JD’s it did not lure me the bright lights of downtown CM! I felt very content that we had given our best, and can only get better. Good work Odd Gods.

This week saw us make our debut on the radio in session on Wicked Spins radio station based in the UK.

I had been out on the town on Monday evening, but wasn’t worse for wear. I got back in perfect time. Just as I sat down with my headphones on, I tuned into “Disconnected” – the first song from our session. Wow! Sounded awesome. Just capped a good night! The DJ Sean, said some very sweet things about the Odd Gods, and I fell asleep with my headphones on a very contented Odd God!

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