Who Are The Odd Gods?

Who Does What To Whom?
Thomas Ruiter

Thomas Ruiter

Lead Vocals

Vocalist, bread and potato fed with both feet on the solid clay of the “Low Lands”. Thomas started his life’s musical journey playing saxophone for a brass ensemble called “Windforce Thirteen”, but quickly developed a stronger love for rock tunes hearing AC/DC and Nirvana bounce from his older brother’s speakers.

Brass was abruptly changed for wooden sticks when he got the opportunity to become the drummer in his first teenage rock band, “TOMATUVA”.

Over the years Thomas has played various instruments in a variety of musical projects and bands. But his love for melodic harmonies always brought him back to playing piano in combination with singing. It was this magical freedom that got him into writing his own music.

After arriving to music inspiring Chiang Mai, he became the frontman for the local band “Two Nights with Steve” and for 7 years rocked bars, festivals and parties until his urge for performing original music brought him together with the band that is now is called “The Odd Gods”.

What he brings to the mix: Thomas gives a harmonic edge to the rock inspired tunes the band performs.

When he is not singing: Most likely still humming a tune while running his agri-technology business in Thailand.


Nicky Scott

Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Guitarist, Border Reiver and full-time Rocker Nicky Scott hails from the debatable lands.

Nicky has been writing and recording music since the tender age of 12 with his first band The Pedestrians, releasing a song on the Matchbox Classics label, “Walk-it”.

Since then a wide range of musical carry-on that has taken Nicky all over the world playing his geetar.

Nicky has been living in Chiang Mai for the last twelve years where he has built up a solid reputation as a Punky Funky Telecaster Teleporter.

What he brings to the mix: A Northern hardcore attitude through a hardcore life that twists the music into a holy sound.

When he is not playing guitar: Running his live music venue in Chiang Mai City called Papa Rock.


Dave Ring

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Filled with musical Welsh blood, Dave started learning piano at the age of six. He went on to pick up several other instruments including the accordion, trumpet, drums and guitar. He soon put them down again, limited only by size and ability.

Ambitions of being a drummer in his first band were abandoned as he had blown his allowance on a bicycle and could only afford sticks. With guitar positions filled and using a borrowed instrument, Dave started to play bass, one note at a time, in various punk and rock bands in Southampton.

A self-confessed nerd, the electronics industry brought him from the UK to Asia but Thailand has been home for many years. He played with Thomas in “Two Nights With Steve” until the desire to write original music became too great to ignore.

What he brings to the mix: an eclectic set of musical experiences and influences combined with solid rhythm and a cavalier approach to what is expected from a bass.

When he is not playing: being part of the “Elephant Parade” team (elephantparade.com) writing; composing; photography; playing video games etc.


Alan Pratt


Drummist… From banging biscuit cans with knitting needles at 3 years old, gigging at 6 years old, being sent home from school with “St Vitus’s dance” when the straight jacket didnt work!

East and West Midlands session and dep drummer, touring throughout Europe over the decades, from punk to soul to rock and blues, Alan has kind of covered it all (no thrash or d n b though…)

Pure rebel but a solid, reliable, open hearted performer giving every last ounce – and theres lots of ounces to give!!!

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